eCreamery Wholesale & Private Label Ice Cream

Discover the ultimate wholesale or private label ice cream experience that combines convenience and delight.  eCreamery’s premium ice cream is made in small batches with quality, density, and flavor in mind. Our lineup of flavors, ranging from beloved classics to sensational new favorites, contains something for every ice cream lover!  eCreamery is also proud to offer exciting, perfectly creamy oat milk options so that even our dairy-free friends can delight in a gourmet ice cream experience.

We make the process fun, easy, and delicious:

  1. Choose the product that best fits your needs: Individual Pints, 4 Pint Occasion Gifts, or 4oz Ice Cream Cups.

  2. Select from our range of flavors, or work with your team to create a custom flavor!  Our unique ability to work in small batches makes us the perfect ice cream manufacturer for your small-scale, custom ice cream project!

  3. Decide on branding!  Our thoughtful packaging allows you to co-brand with us by utilizing our pints while customizing the 2.5" circle to highlight your brand.  If you're looking to customize the entire experience, private label ice cream is possible as well!  Design and create your own branded packaging and let us handle the ice cream.  In need of something simpler?  Wholesale our products exactly as-is.  

    Minimum Order Quantities:

    Wholesale and private label products are fulfilled as freight orders with MOQs based on pallet sizes.  Mixed pallets are always possible.  We offer lower quantities of eCreamery or Co-Branded specialty pints through our corporate division at retail pricing.

     Product Type

    Qty per Case

    Cases per Pallet

    Pints per Pallet

    Individual Pints

    8 150 1,200

    4 Pint Occasion Gifts

    4 200 800

    4oz Ice Cream Cups

    16 150 2,400

    Elevate your business with our ice cream, and watch your customers return for more frozen bliss.  Fill out the contact form below to embark on a delicious journey!