Sympathy Ice Cream Gifts

Looking for a comfort gift for someone who is facing a difficult time?  We have assortments of cookies & ice cream to help provide some solace when words aren’t enough.  It’s a great way to reach out in the event of the unimaginable, offering a treat to delve into to brighten up some days amidst a tough time.  Scroll through our options of Sympathy Ice Cream gifts that can be shipped nationwide:

Sympathy 4 Pint Collection:

The most decadent and adored flavors to sweeten up a hard time, including Sea Salt Caramel Brownie, Coffee Toffee, Praline Pecan, and Chocolate Cake.  Each pint is adorned with titles of “Scoops of Support,” “Thinking of You,” and other thoughtful messages to let them know you are there for them.  Shipped straight to their doorstep, no additional hassle to either of you.

Sympathy Ice Cream & Cookie Collection:

This delightful collection includes 4 pints of ice cream AND 12 assorted cookies!  This offers double the sweets to provide a nice comfort for your recipient.  With the addition of cookies, they can create a delicious ice cream sandwich or just have a delectable array of treats! 

Sympathy Ultimate 8 Pint Collection:

This delicious collection will include 4 pints of our best selling ice cream alongside 4 pints of our current seasonal flavors, a little something everyone can enjoy!  This is a great option for stocking up their fridge for something to keep looking forward to.  Eight amazing flavors of our dense ice cream, you can’t go wrong with this Sympathy gift!  Ships nationwide, arriving at their doorstep no matter where they live.

Sympathy Deluxe Ice Cream & Cookie Collection:

Our Deluxe Sympathy collection will contain 8 pints of ice cream made with the finest ingredients.  This collection will feature our best selling and seasonal ice cream flavors alongside 24 assorted delightful cookies!  Ditch the flowers, ship a heartfelt collection of ice cream to provide comfort to your loved ones.  

In these times when most send flowers, it can be fun to surprise your recipient with an assortment of ice cream so they can take a few moments to enjoy a sweet treat.

View all of our Sympathy Ice Cream gifts HERE: