Flavor Spotlight: Mint Cookie Crunch

Our Mint Cookie Crunch flavor is a refreshing twist on a classic flavor.  There is something about the combination of mint and chocolate that has captured the hearts (and taste buds) of ice cream lovers throughout time.  Add in crunchy cookie pieces to that combination, and you’ve got an irresistible treat.  That is exactly what you get with our Mint Cookie Crunch ice cream - a flavor that takes the classic mint-chocolate combo to the next level.

This ice cream flavor starts with our creamy, sweet mint ice cream base that is the perfect canvas to wrap in the rest of the flavors.  The cookie crunch is what sets this flavor apart, the cookie pieces are mixed throughout the pint creating a contrast in texture and a subtle richness in flavor.  On top of that chocolatey goodness, we have completed this trifecta with the addition of gooey fudge swirled all throughout this flavor.  


The color of this flavor pulls it apart from the rest as well, the bright minty green shade is captivating!  With St. Patrick's Day coming up, this is the perfect ice cream flavor to complete the gift you are sending to a friend or straight to your own doorstep!  A great way to celebrate the holiday is with a green treat with your loved ones!  

The combination of mint and chocolate flavors are nostalgic, the classic flavor combination might transport you back to your childhood - running after the ice cream truck, or enjoying a bowl with your family on a hot summer day.  This creation takes all mint ice creams to the next level, after one spoonful this will easily be your go-to mint ice cream flavor.  

This flavor is “mint” just for you!

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