Dairy Free Holiday Gifts

Tis' the season to savor the sweet moments with our Holiday Oat Milk Ice Cream Gift collection — a perfect dairy-free gift for those who love sweet treats but steer clear from dairy.  Whether they are lactose intolerant, follow a vegan diet, or just opt for dairy-free treats, this collection promises a decadent experience with the same delicious flavor.  Each festive flavor is paired with an equally festive title:

Sweetest Candy Cane Wishes - Candy Cane

A refreshing classic made dairy-free.  Peppermint candy pieces sprinkled all throughout the delicious, creamy vanilla mint base.

Berry & Bright - Triple Berry

A trio of raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry swirls mixed throughout the delicious vanilla oat milk base.  This flavor is the perfect pint for those who love a fruity flavor to balance everything out.

Naughty or Nice Cream - Chocolate Chunk

A delicious, decadent fan favorite flavor made dairy-free.  A mouthwatering chocolate oat milk ice cream base filled with chocolate chunks.

Ho Ho Ho - PB Oreo

For the peanut butter lovers, a dairy-free peanut butter ice cream base with Oreo pieces sprinkled throughout.  A rich and delicious flavor, that you won’t be able to get enough of.

This delightful collection, featuring four delicious pints of oat milk ice cream, is the ideal gift for someone who has everything. Send them this ice cream gift to enhance their holiday gatherings or stock their freezer for their late-night snacks. The unique seasonal flavors, all deliciously dairy-free, are crafted to perfection and presented in festive holiday packaging.

These four pints make for the perfect dairy-free gift that will arrive just in time, with multiple Holiday Shipping options available at checkout. With nationwide shipping, you can share the joy of dairy-free indulgence with friends and family across the country. This unique gift ensures a delicious and thoughtful surprise for your loved ones.

You can also find these flavors in our Personalized Pints, where you can select your flavors and design each pint in a thoughtful message or image to make for an extra special gift.  

Our Holiday Oat Milk Ice Cream Gift is a testament to the fact that dairy-free can be just as delicious, if not more! Place your order now to ensure the perfect arrival of this dairy-free delight—because everyone deserves a scoop of joy during the holidays!