Dairy Free Holiday Gifts

Dairy-free oat milk ice cream is the perfect way to make sure everyone can enjoy a delicious treat this holiday season!  We promise this rich oat milk base is almost too good to believe there’s no dairy!  With delightful flavors from Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter Oreo, Candy Cane, and Caramel Latte, our Holiday Oat Milk 4 Pint Ice Cream Collection has one of everything!  Each hand churned pint is adorned with jubilant, festive artwork to spread the holiday cheer!  Whether you need a special gift for someone with a dietary restriction, want to play it on the safe side, or simply enjoy great ice cream flavors, this oat milk ice cream gift will work perfectly!  This oat milk ice cream gift collection ships nationwide, wherever you need it to go for the holidays!  

Our head chef worked diligently to craft the perfect oat milk ice cream flavors without the dairy, made with the finest ingredients.  Read through each flavor profile to get your mouth watering about these delicious flavors!

The Chocolate Chunk flavor is made of a chocolate oat milk ice cream base with delightful chocolate chunks mixed in to create a dairy-free, chocolatey goodness.  Skip the hot chocolate this winter, stay in where you are warm & cozy with a cool chocolate ice cream treat.  All the full-bodied chocolate flavor without the dairy, it’s a dream come true!  

Peanut Butter Oreo is made of a melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter oat milk ice cream base, with delicious bits of Oreos (the long-time dairy-free friendly treat) mixed in for an added crunch!  This fabulous flavor is a delight, and definitely deserves to be added to your freezer.

The Candy Cane is a minty sweet dream, made of a delicious vanilla mint oat milk ice cream base with candy cane pieces sprinkled throughout for bites of intense mint delight.  This flavor is everyone’s favorite for the holiday and we are pleased to bring it to the scoop of our dairy-free ice cream enjoyers.

Caramel Latte is a rich, smooth flavor with the mixture of the delightful, bold coffee goodness mixed with creamy caramel to sweeten it up.  Perfect for those who enjoy a smooth flavor that could be eaten up in an instant.  Everyone has been loving the oat milk lattes for their morning coffee run this year, so why not try it out in your ice cream!

This holiday season we wanted to ensure everyone can be satisfied with the most rich and creamy dairy free ice cream to give out as holiday gifts or enjoy and stock up your own freezer!  Add these undoubtedly delicious oat milk ice cream flavors to your cart, and we will ship them right to your doorstep!  These pints are decorated with the most jolly, creatively designed labels that are unique to this oat milk ice cream gift collection.  These delectable, rich oat milk ice cream flavors go beyond the usual dairy-free options, your holiday sweet tooth will be satiated.  

Our small batch process ensures for an authentically good dairy-free ice cream gift, sure to satisfy your recipients.  All of our oat milk ice cream pints are hand churned and hand-pinted, a truly unique experience for a gourmet ice cream holiday gift.  All of that diligent work goes into our shipping process as well, to make sure these oat milk ice cream delights are delivered to you frozen and delicious.  

Holiday oat milk ice cream gifts that can be shipped straight to your friends and family?  Who knew dairy-free gifting was quite this simple.  We ship our oat milk ice cream gifts nationwide, guaranteed to be delicious.  

With options this good, you’ll want to leave dairy in the dust.