Congratulations Ice Cream Gifts

If you are looking for the perfect gift to congratulate someone whether they just accomplished a milestone, got a promotion, or graduated school, an ice cream treat is always the way to go.  These ice cream & cookie gifts are sure to help them relish in their success and begin to celebrate!  Take a look at the different varieties of Congratulations gifts you have to choose from:

Congratulations 4 Pint:

Ice cream is the best reward, this 4 pint collection is perfect for someone who deserves it!  This assortment of ice cream includes flavors of Chocolate Turtle Sundae, Peanut Butter Cup, Cherry Chocolate Chunk, and Butter Brickle.  These delicious flavors are sure to help celebrate their accomplishments.  Ship this Congratulations ice cream gift straight to their door to add a cherry on top of their big achievement!  

Congratulations Ice Cream & Cookie Collection:

This delightful collection is double the treats, with 4 pints of ice cream AND 12 assorted cookies.  Each pint is adorned with a feel good saying including “Celebration by the Spoonful,” “Indulge!  YOU Deserve It!,” and more to send the message of your proud congratulations!   With shipping nationwide, these delicious treats can get to your lucky recipient, no matter where they reside!

Congratulations Ultimate 8 Pint Collection:

Our Congratulations Ultimate collection is full of 8 pints of scrumptious Congratulations ice cream that they can dig into right away or share with friends and family! This sweet treat ships nationwide, getting to your friends or families doorstep quickly to get the celebration started!  These flavors will include our Fan Favorites collection of 4 Gluten Free flavors included with our seasonal treats!

Congratulations Deluxe Ice Cream & Cookie Collection:

8 pints of delightful, custom-churned Congratulations ice cream in addition to 24 assorted cookies, perfect for crafting up some ice cream sandwiches or sharing with loved ones!  A gift this great, is sure to help them remember the moment they hit their accomplishment forever! This deluxe assortment of ice cream & cookies is the perfect way to really spoil your recipient with delicious sweets to let them know you are proud!  Ships straight to their doorstep!

Add in an ice cream koozie & some sprinkles, so they can dig right into their treats!

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