Valentine's Day Ice Cream Gift Guide

You don’t want to be the person in the grocery store at the last minute this year choosing between the remaining wilted flower bouquets.  Get ahead of the game this year and preorder our Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Collections to arrive right in time for the holiday!

Exclusively available for preorder with delivery dates between Feb 10-14. 

Valentine's Day 8 pint ice cream collection

Shop our cupid-approved, Be Mine Ultimate 8 Pint Collection!  This collection features 4 flavors of our limited-time Valentine’s Day flavors alongside our 4 best sellers. Each pint of ice cream will be adorned with a sweet message to melt the heart of your loved one.  The titles on each pint include “Love at First Bite,” “You’re Simply the Sweetest,” and more!


Valentine's Day Be Mine 4 pint ice cream gift

Our Be Mine 4 Pint Collection is the perfect way to ask your special someone to be your Valentine.  Make their heart skip a beat when they open their package to flavors of Red Velvet ice cream, Mocha Oreo Fudge, Maple Walnut Crunch, and Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie.  With shipping straight to their front door, there's no easier gift route to go!


Valentine's Day Be Mine Ice Cream and Cookie gift collection

Double the treats with our Be Mine Ice Cream & Cookie Collection with 4 Valentine’s ice cream flavors with 12 assorted cookies.  Each pint and cookie features an adorable label to let your love be known this Valentine’s Day.  Ships nationwide, allowing you to send the love no matter where your partner resides!


Our Not Today Cupid Ice Cream Collection is our beloved “anti-Valentine” pack for those who may be boycotting the holiday this year.  This collection is perfect to send to a friend who may be going through a breakup, or just hates the holiday, or even send it straight to yourself!  There is no better way to celebrate this holiday than with a pint of eCreamery ice cream, cuddled up on the couch.


Galentine's Day Ice Cream collection 4 pints self love friends gift

Our Galentine’s Day Ice Cream Collection is the perfect way to spread the love of the season to your girlfriends, family, or loved ones.  This is the best way to go to celebrate those who you know need a pick me up and don’t get celebrated far enough.  Each pint is adorned in adorable gal-pal titles including “Self Love Club,” “Know Your Worth,” and more!  Ship this straight to your best friend's doorstep, even if you live miles apart.  


Valentine's Day Be Mine Ice Cream and cookie gift collection 8 pints 24 cookies

With our Be Mine Deluxe Ice Cream & Cookie Collection, there is no better way to express your love to your sweetheart with 8 pints of ice cream and 24 assorted cookies!  Each pint of our dense, creamy ice cream will be titled with a sweet saying to treat your sweetheart.  All you need is love and a whole lotta ice cream to delight your Valentine.  


Valentine's Day 12 cookies gift

Our Valentine’s Day Cookies contain an assortment of delicious, homemade cookies with a special label on each cookie.  They’ll be glad you didn’t send flowers this year with the delicacy that they receive in the mail.  


12 pints of Valentine's Day ice cream

Our Valentine’s Day Delicious Dozen Collection features 12 delicious pints of our custom-churned, hand pinted ice cream flavors!  There’s no sweeter way to surprise your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day than with a delightful assortment of ice cream.  With FREE shipping straight to your doorstep, there is no easier way to put together a sweet gift for your partner.


Valentine's Day 12 pints of ice cream and 24 cookies

Double the treats with our Valentine’s Day Delicious Dozen AND Cookies Collection!  This selection is sure to wow your partner, 12 pints of dense & creamy ice cream alongside 24 assorted cookies!  The cherry on top of these love-filled pints, they ship FREE!  This collection has Cupid’s stamp of approval.  


16 pints of Valentine's Day ice cream

Our Valentine’s Day Sweet 16 Collection is sure to delight your other half as they will be stocked up on sweets for some time!  There is no better way to show your love this Valentine’s Day than with this jaw dropping ice cream assortment.  Best part is, it ships free!


Preorder any of these treats for your sweetheart NOW to arrive in Valen-TIME!

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