Unique Ice Cream Traditions Around the World

Ice cream is adored worldwide, but the way that it is enjoyed varies from place to place!  Take a look at all of the different ice cream traditions from across the globe and our most similar flavors:

New Zealand: Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

A popular ice cream delicacy in New Zealand is their Hokey Pokey ice cream, which is made from a vanilla bean base mixed with pieces of honeycomb toffee.  It is said to taste of caramel with the sweetness of honey.  Yum!

Our Butter Brickle flavor found in our Fan Favorites collection sounds similar!

Butter Brickle ice cream

Japan: Mochi

Japan offers a unique bitesize ice cream goody!  Mochi is a rice cake that is filled with an ice cream center, ready to bite right into!  The outer rice cake texture is chewy, stretchy, and delicious!  They make many different flavors, popular ones being red bean and strawberry!

These often fruity treats are similar in flavor to our Raspberry Sorbet which can be found in our Personalized Pints.  

Raspberry Sorbet

Germany: Spaghettieis

This dessert may trick you into thinking it’s an entree!  In Germany, they create an ice cream treat that resembles spaghetti!  They create noodle-like pieces of ice cream using a Spatzle press and then use a strawberry puree to give the look of marinara!  White chocolate or coconut flakes have also been used to give the appearance of grated parmesan cheese.

Would you try spaghettieis?  For now, we are offering Vanilla Bean in our Personalized Pints.  (no noodles included)

Vanilla Bean ice cream

Italy: Gelato

Gelato is different from ice cream in the way of the proportions of each ingredient.  The dense and creamy texture that gelato is known for comes from the amount of milk and butter fat percentage!  Our ice cream is similar due to our butter fat percentage and how dense & creamy it is! 

The range of Italy’s chocolate flavors are said to be their most popular!  Give our Chocolate Cake a try for a similar taste!  It is found in our Best Sellers.

Chocolate Cake Ice Cream

Turkey: Dondurma

Turkey creates ice cream with an ingredient called salep, it’s a wild orchid root that allows the consistency to be super stretchy and chewy!  It looks just like mozzarella cheese!

Popular flavors of Dondurma include Blueberry, Mint, Walnut, and Rose.  Give our Mint Cookie Crunch a try for a similar flavor, found in our Legendairy collection.

Mint Cookie Crunch ice cream

Which ice cream tradition are you most eager to try?