Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream

Red Velvet is back and ready to steal hearts!  The season of love is in full swing, and everyone’s favorite flavor has returned to sweep you off your feet – Red Velvet Ice Cream! Prepare for a journey of sweet delight as this gourmet sensation makes its grand entrance, available for nationwide shipping through our Personalized Pints or Valentine’s Day collections.

The fun, vibrant red hue of red velvet draws everyone in, and the flavor transforms it into an instant favorite. Picture each spoonful turning your bowl into a charming swirl of pink – a visual feast to complement the sweet taste.

Handcrafted in Omaha, this seasonal favorite is created with a cream cheese frosting ice cream base with gourmet red velvet cake pieces swirled throughout.  Each bite of red velvet is a dense, chewy delight to add to this velvety dream.  With notes of cocoa, sweet cream cheese frosting, and the airy red velvet pieces, every bite is a delight. You can’t go wrong when your favorite cake flavor meets your ice cream pint.

This year, set up the perfect scene for your Valentine, with a sweet delivery on their doorstep of the flavor of the season, Red Velvet ice cream.  Shop our Valentine’s Day collections with an array of options to fit your gifting needs or shop our Personalized Pints section where you can select the flavors of your choice, including Red Velvet of course, and design each label with photos or sayings to fit the occasion.

Whether you're shopping for someone special or treating yourself to a flavor-packed rendezvous, our Red Velvet Ice Cream is ready to ship straight to your doorstep.  The perfect treat is just a click away!