Not Today Cupid Ice Cream Collection

Let’s face it, not everyone has the best feelings associated with Valentine’s Day.  Sometimes spending the holiday alone, watching tv, and digging into a pint of ice cream is the more enjoyable way to go.  We can help out if this sounds like the ideal way to spend Valentine’s Day, or any day.  For those boycotting Valentine’s Day this year, we have our Not Today Cupid Ice Cream collection for you to enjoy. 

This collection has 4 delicious flavors, unique to this “anti-Valentine” ice cream collection.  The four flavors include Red Velvet, Mocha Oreo Fudge, Maple Walnut Crunch, and Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie.  These four dense & creamy flavors, all to yourself.  This arrangement gives you way more bang for your buck, because you don’t have to share with anybody else.

Each pint has a unique, funny saying in the spirit of spending this Valentine’s Day with the best person you know, yourself.  Sayings include, “It’s not me, IT’S YOU,” “Me, Myself, and I(ce cream),” and more!  

Whether you send this ice cream collection to yourself because you deserve it, or to a friend that might be going through a breakup and spending Valentine’s Day alone, this gift is sure to delight.

Flavor run down:

Red Velvet:

A cream cheese dream.  This delight has a cream cheese frosting ice cream base, with pieces of red velvet cake swirled throughout.  

Mocha Oreo Fudge:

This delicious flavor is a great flavor to dig into to break up the sweetness of the rest of the pack.  We have a chocolate and coffee ice cream base with chocolate crunch, oreos, fudge swirled throughout for a dense & delightful treat.

Maple Walnut Crunch:

This new, mouthwatering flavor is churned to perfection.  The maple ice cream base is combined with delectable blonde brownies, baked with walnut pieces and chocolate chips.  This sweet treat will be devoured in an instant.  

Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie:

Get your spoons ready.  This is a vanilla ice cream base with caramel chocolate chip cookie pieces mixed throughout.  Homemade cookies and ice cream, what is a better combination?

This Not Today Cupid, anti-Valentine gift ships nationwide!  Ship to one of your friends who could use a funny Valentine’s gift this year.  If they aren’t in a relationship, they can still count on enjoying ice cream.

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