New Year's Gifts

If you are in need of a unique gift idea to send out to friends or family whom you may have missed to send a gift to in time for Christmas, we have multiple New Year’s ice cream gift collections to save you!  A great way to wish your loved ones a Happy New Year when you can’t be near them or if you would love to add some sweet treats at your New Year’s gathering is with some amazing ice cream flavors!  Ship ice cream straight to your friends, coworkers, or neighbor’s doorstep with some adorable New Year’s themed ice cream gifts.  If ice cream sounds like the way you want to start your 2023, you will want to take a look at these New Year’s ice cream collections:

New Year’s 4 Pint Ice Cream Collection:

Four pints of dense, creamy flavors including Peppermint Mocha, Frosted Sugar Cookie, Butter Pecan, and Gingerbread Cheesecake that ship nationwide, no matter where your loved ones live.  They will be greeted by festive titles and joyful artwork on every pint, right when they open their New Year’s ice cream package!

New Year’s Ice Cream and Cookie Collection:

This gift includes all of our delightful holiday ice cream flavors PLUS 12 assorted cookies.  What could be a better way to welcome 2023?  These pints have sayings that include “Happy New Year 2023,” “Spoonful of New Beginnings,” and more! This sweet treat galore is the perfect treat to dig into right when counting down the seconds to the New Year!  Ice cream AND cookies shipped straight to your door, we hope no one in the family is making any resolutions to cut out ice cream this year!

New Year’s Ultimate 8 Pint Ice Cream Collection:

Our New Year’s Ultimate Collection is double the fun, with double the ice cream.  The perfect gift to give your well wishes for 2023!  Your recipient can choose to dig in on New Year’s Day or freeze for a scoop of new beginnings later on!  These flavors are to die for, with 8 pints of our flavorful, small batch ice cream.  Ship this New Year’s gift nationwide to someone who could use a nice treat this year, or someone who you may have forgotten on your Christmas list!  


Which ice cream collection will you ship out to ring in the New Year?  

Don’t forget to add a couple ice cream koozies so you can grab a spoon and dig right in!


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