New Baby Ice Cream Gifts

The best way to congratulate the new mom and dad is with an indulgent gift they can enjoy for themselves, whenever they find a moment alone.  Our New Baby ice cream gift is a perfect unique and unexpected treat to congratulate mom and dad while they are welcoming a new little ball of joy into the world.  This ice cream gift is perfect for new mothers, new dads, and well-deserving parents that just had a baby whether it’s their first or fourth!  Arriving right at their doorstep, this gift is the best way to go for an easy, seamless gift for both you and your recipient!

This collection includes a delicious assortment of dense & creamy ice cream flavors, you can’t blame them for finishing the whole pint in one sitting.  The flavors include Mint Cookie Crunch, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Chunk, and Cupcake Cookie Dough.  Each pint is adorned with artfully designed labels with details of stars and clouds, and many fitting colors!  The sayings include “2 AM Feeding Fuel,” “Over the Moon Grab a Spoon,” and more!  The adorable designs on each pint alone is enough to send them a sweet surprise, the delightful ice cream inside makes it a top notch gift for new mothers and dads!

New Baby Ice Cream Gift with 4 Pints

Four pints of delicious ice cream flavors, each flavor in this collection is also nut-free!  This adorable ice cream gift full of mouthwatering flavors ships nationwide, arriving at the doorstep of the new parents.  This is perfect for a unique gift that delivers straight to their doorstep while they are adjusting to their new addition!  

New Baby Ice Cream Gift with 4 Pints & 24 Cookies

This delightful ice cream gift includes four pints of small batch, pinted by hand ice cream AND 24 cookies!  This gift gives the new mom an extra sweet treat, and even the option to create a delicious ice cream sandwich masterpiece!  Send this gift and enjoy free shipping!

New Baby Ice Cream Gift with 8 Pints

This dreamy collection of ice cream includes 4 pints of Mint Cookie Crunch, Chocolate Chunk, Cupcake Cookie Dough, Cookies & Cream, AND 4 pints of our limited time flavors!  This collection is perfect to stock up their fridge to enjoy many different creamy flavors each night!  This collection also includes free shipping, with delivery nationwide!

New Baby Ice Cream Gift with 8 Pint & 24 Cookies

The secret to the perfect gift to give to new parents?  An indulgent, thoughtful, and surprising assortment of ice cream and cookies!  Help them smooth out the transition into parenthood and a new baby with a delicious treat of 8 ice cream flavors and cookies, that they can dig into whenever they have a second to relax!

Standout with the perfect gift that arrives straight to the new mom and new dad’s doorstep!  Ice cream is the most amazing pick me up to indulge in during the transitional time of a new baby.


Add in a couple of ice cream koozies so they can dig straight into the pint, they don’t have time to waste!

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