January HoroSCOOPS

Let’s welcome in 2023 with new opportunities, new experiences, and new ice cream flavors to try!  Ring in the new year with eCreamery by reading a little about what is in store for you this upcoming month, and what ice cream we suggest to make it smooth scooping all throughout January.




January will be the month where you will finally be putting your foot down in areas you haven’t been able to speak up the past few months.  You will want to spend more time socializing and surrounding yourself by your closest circle. You may be inclined to host a gathering of friends, sharing food or yummy ice cream!  By the end of this month you will notice a surge of energy to pull you through the start of the year, allowing you to bring in more confidence in the workplace.  

Treat yourself this month with delightful Chocolate Turtle Sundae, found in our Fan Favorites collection!


For a Taurus, you may be surprised to have more abundance this month.  Expect some new connections to be made this way, both in your personal and professional life.  Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there a little bit more this month to welcome these new people into your circle!  Be sure to speak up for yourself, allowing for your needs to be listened to and met!

Take a moment to yourself with a pint of Cupcake Cookie Dough ice cream, you can find it in our Legendairy collection!



It’s the best time to follow your intuition this month as you may feel it is heightened throughout this month.  Be sure to trust your gut, and you might expect a powerful dream to start the new year.  With the start of 2023, you may feel a drive to assert yourself more in the workplace and reap some rewards from doing so.

Keep things smooth sailing this month with some scoops of our Caramel Latte Oat Milk flavor found in our Holiday Oat Milk collection!


This is your month!  As much as you are great at caring for others, this month is all about pampering yourself!  The early days of the new year are ideal for trying out a new haircut, or a fun makeover.  Be sure to spend more time on self-care and allow yourself some extra sleep this month.  For the best relaxation, pick up a new book or dig into some ice cream.

To keep up with the pampering theme, indulge in a pint of Peanut Butter Cup ice cream found in our Fan Favorites collection!  It ships straight to your doorstep, not interrupting any of your self-care time.  



A positive change will allow you to welcome in the New Year with open arms!  You can expect this positivity to affect your work life and relationships, as you allow yourself to go all in.  This may be a good time to work through straightening out your work/life balance.  

This new positive outlook is the cherry on top of this month!  Try out some Cherry Chocolate Chunk ice cream found in our Fan Favorites collection!


Dive deep into your creative side this month as you begin to notice that side of you coming out early in January.  You’ll want to be sure to act on this creativity, and complete a project you have been pushing off for some time.  The start of the year is the time to spend bonding with friends, be sure to catch up with someone this month!

Try something new with our Coffee Toffee ice cream flavor found in our Best Sellers collection!



This month should be full of fun for Libras!  Spend some time doing new, exciting activities with friends and loved ones.  Find time to spend with your community as you are reminded of their importance.  With all the positivity you want to share, be sure to spend some time on yourself as well.  

Keep the fun going with a pint of Cookies & Cream ice cream!  Found in our Legendairy collection, shipped straight to your door.  


January will bring on a busier month, both in your personal and professional life.  You will want to rearrange your living space to create a sort of sanctuary amongst all the busy days.  Be sure to find use in the quiet days this month, spending time to yourself and allowing some peacefulness.  

Try out a pint of Chocolate Cake to enjoy on a quiet day.  This ice cream flavor is found in our Best Sellers collection!



This month brings in plenty of fresh cycles for Capricorn, time to let go of past fears.  Forget what you may be dwelling on in regards to what others think of you.  It is the best time for communicating with friends and spending more time with family.  

Welcome in a sweet treat with our deliciously classic Butter Pecan flavor.  You can grab a pint of this one found in our New Years collection!


It’s your birthday month, time to celebrate yourself!  You may notice stress levels to lower this month, while you start feeling electric!  Find some time to lounge around, indulging in some self care and extra sleep! 

Delve into a b-day treat!  Try out our Chocolate Chunk flavor found in our Legendairy collection or our Birthday collection!


You may begin to feel a little rebellious this month!  Look into taking a day trip with friends, or finding some extra days to take off from work.  Be prepared for newfound confidence to come out towards the end of this month.

Pack a pint for your excursion!  Share some Frosted Sugar Cookie ice cream with friends, found in our New Year's collection!

Whether you decide to indulge in your flavor matched to your zodiac sign or another flavor that caught your eye, all of our ice cream collection ships nationwide!  Delivered straight to your doorstep, or send a treat to your favorite Capricorn or Taurus!