Hanukkah Celebration

Latkes, gelt, dreidels, and ice cream? Give a one-of-a-kind Hanukkah gift this year with our 8 Night Hanukkah ice cream gift collection

This Hanukkah, indulge in eight unique, limited-time flavors of ice cream that are made of the finest ingredients.  Each and every day of Hanukkah, dig into a delightful pint of ice cream and share with the whole family!  This collection will leave you and your family wishing Hanukkah lasted more than eight days so you could devour some more pints!  Ship our Hanukkah ice cream gift collection to your doorstep, or straight to your loved ones homes for a unique Hanukkah gift idea!

This ice cream collection is a great gelt alternative, allowing for a gift to remember!  Small batch, hand churned ice cream is sure to satisfy your family members' sweet tooth this year!  To get you & your loved ones in the spirit, each pint is adorned with a unique and special Hanukkah themed label and includes festive flavors, perfect for the holiday season!

Below are the clever titles paired with each flavor, to put you in the Hanukkah spirit!

The Miracle of Chocolate - Chocolate Cake

Flavorful chocolate cake ice cream with bits of baked brownie and fudge swirls mixed together to create a rich, gooey, chocolatey dream that it’s almost like taking a bite into the chocolate cake of your dreams.  

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel! Dessert - Butter Pecan

Buttery, nutty, vanilla flavors come together to create this butter pecan ice cream base with praline pecans for an added treat. 

Maccabee Munchies - Praline Pecan

Double vanilla ice cream with chewy praline pecans sprinkled throughout and swirls of caramel for a classic delight. 

Shalom to You- Frosted Sugar Cookie

A sweet, sugared cookie ice cream base with pieces of gourmet, baked and frosted sugar cookies along with sprinkles mixed throughout.

Sweetest Hanukkah Wishes - White Chocolate Peppermint

The base of this flavor is a mixture of white chocolate confection and minty peppermint, with add-ins of flaky peppermint and chunks of chocolate for a treat with every bite!

Gelt Goodness - Peppermint Mocha

A beloved coffee drink turned into an ice cream dream, this base is a chocolatey mocha delight with not only pieces of refreshing red peppermint all throughout, but baked cookie pieces as well.  

Feast of Lights - Sea Salt Caramel Brownie

A salty caramel ice cream base with decadent baked brownie bites mixed throughout, you don’t want to pass up on this flavor!

May Your Candles Burn Bright and Ice Cream Stay Frozen - Gingerbread Cheesecake

Tastes of ginger and molasses dance around in your mouth, mixed with the sweetness of cheesecake, and cookie butter crunch swirled throughout.  If your mouth isn’t already watering, just wait til you get a spoonful of this one.  

All of these delightful, festive flavors can be shipped straight to you!  What a delicious Hanukkah gift to switch up your celebration this year!

Our Hanukkah ice cream collection is a perfect gift for treats that last each night of celebration and ships nationwide!  A dreamy ice cream treat is a good jelly donut substitute, or would even pair nicely with one!  Send your sweetest Hanukkah wishes this year with multiple shipping window options, to get this Hanukkah sweet treat where it will be most enjoyed!