Graduation Ice Cream Gifts

The perfect treat to say cone-gratulations to your graduate!  Our graduation gifts come in 4 or 8 pints, the perfect gift for the graduate to enjoy all by themselves or perfect for a fun addition at their graduation party!  With the most delicious variety of flavors alongside inspiring labels, this gift will be a hit!  

Sweetest Congrats Grad! 

The perfect pint to give your graduate a congratulatory message, filled with delightful Cookies & Cream ice cream.  Our Cookies & Cream flavor is adored by many and is sure to be crowd pleaser for your graduate and whoever they may share with!

Recipe for Success 

Our Mint Cookie Crunch ice cream is the perfect addition to this collection for a refreshing, much-deserved treat!  With a title like “Recipe for Success,” this pint is ideal to take a moment to enjoy the flavor while looking forward to the journey lined up for them!

Chip, Chip, Hooray!  

The adorable “Chip, Chip, Hooray” message on the outside of the pint is perfectly completed with the graduation cap and tassel on the design.  The rich flavor of this pint is our Cupcake Cookie Dough, a lovely combination of cupcake ice cream and cookie dough and brownie bites swirled throughout the flavor.  

Let the Adventure Begin! 

Our delicious Chocolate Chunk flavor is the cherry on top to this collection, the delightful and indulgent flavor is just what your graduate needs!  Set them up to take time to relish in the time that they are in by giving them their favorite ice cream flavors with motivating messages on each and every pint they dig into!

When checking out with these graduation ice cream gifts, you will be shown Graduation Pre-order options throughout May and June!  Set up the perfect timeframe for when your graduate walks across the stage and can have a rewarding spoonful of ice cream waiting for them at home!

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