Gluten-Free Friendly Ice Creams

We have many different magnificent ice cream flavor options to satisfy your recipients' needs!  If you are on the lookout for some fun, sweet treats to send a friend with a gluten sensitivity, we have the most delicious options!  Make it easy for them by sending a treat you know they can enjoy.

Our most popular option for those looking for an ice cream gift for a recipient who stays away from gluten is our Fan Favorites Collection!  Each flavor within this collection is gluten-free, an easy & delicious gift to send to your recipient!  The flavors that are included in this ice cream collection are Peanut Butter Cup, Butter Brickle, Chocolate Turtle Sundae, and Cherry Chocolate Chunk.  Each of these flavors are dense, creamy, and sure to please your recipient after they dig into each pint!

Additionally to our Fan Favorites Collection, we offer other various flavors that can be selected in our Personalized Pints selection to create your own collection with flavors of your choosing!  A great way to easily locate a gift that would work for your recipient that they can enjoy, worry-free!  The Gluten-Free ice cream flavors available in our Personalized Pints will each be helpfully labeled with a Gluten-Free sticker on the corner of each image to help indicate which you can select from!  These flavors include Coffee Toffee, Praline Pecan, Chocolate Chunk, Raspberry Sorbet, Vanilla Bean, and more!

Each flavor of these gluten-free friendly pints are made with the finest ingredients and are made in our small batch, hand pinted process to provide you with the best.  

Whichever way you decide to go with to send a gluten-free treat, we ship nationwide to get these delicious pints straight to their doorstep!

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