Flavor Spotlight: Red Velvet Ice Cream

Our Red Velvet ice cream flavor is the perfect flavor for the February season!  The color of this pint alone tells you all you need to know about what goodness you are about to dig into!  

Red Velvet cake is a universal crowd pleaser!  The fun, red color draws everyone in and the delicious flavor makes it a fast favorite!  The deep burgundy color of each bite of red velvet cake turns your bowl into a cute swirl of pink as you make your way through the pint!  We’ve taken your cream cheese frosted layered red velvet cake delicacy and churned it into the most delightful ice cream flavor in a pint!

Our Head Chef and kitchen team work to create the perfectly churned cream cheese ice cream base and then add in the bites of dense red velvet cake bite delights!  This velvety dream has notes of cocoa, sweet cream cheese, the perfect combination of the airy & moist red velvet pieces with each bite of sweet cream cheese.  Everyone’s favorite cake flavor mixed perfectly to create a dream cake & ice cream dessert in one!

Bring on that special Valentine’s Day feeling with this sweet treat!  This pint can be found in any of our Valentine’s Day collections and is perfect to get your special someone!  They will certainly be happy that you didn’t send flowers this year!

You can find this flavor in our Be Mine, Galentines, Not Today Cupid collections to suit your needs whether you are shopping for your partner, gal pals, or newly single friend.  Any of these collections will contain this special Red Velvet ice cream delight and will ship straight to their doorstep!

You can even scratch that idea and send these pints to yourself due to how delicious they sound!  

Shop all of our Valentine’s Day collections here: https://ecreamery.com/collections/valentines-day