Flavor Spotlight: Maple Blonde Brownie

Get a scoop of this!  This new Maple Blonde Brownie flavor is included in our Limited Time Winter flavor collection and can be found in our Valentine’s Day collections!  

Our Maple Blonde Brownie flavor starts with a full-bodied maple ice cream base, matched with decadent blonde brownies that are made with chocolate chips and walnut pieces for added crunch!  

If you are craving a homemade Blonde Brownie, dig into one of these pints instead!  With sweet pieces of these chewy brownies in each bite, this pint will create a butterscotch dream in your mouth!  Blonde brownies are such a good pairing with maple, to create a nice caramel-esque, delicate maple and vanilla flavor accompanied by chocolate chips and walnut pieces.   

Maple flavor is essentially a liquid caramel, it is a lovely base of nutty notes mixed with sweet, golden sugar and buttery undertones.  The combination of this amazing base flavor with the heavenly blonde brownies, is a true treat!  You definitely need to try one of these pints!

This flavor can be shipped straight to your doorstep or straight to the doorstep of your Valentine with our Be Mine Collection!  This flavor is a great addition to our Be Mine collection to create a nice balance of decadence with the other sweet flavors!  

Grab a bite of this flavor by ordering our Be Mine Ultimate Collection, Not Today Cupid Collection, or our Galentine’s Collection!

Ship this dreamy flavor straight to the doorstep of your friends & family, a coworker, or a neighbor!