Flavor Spotlight: Coffee Toffee

Calling all coffee lovers to try our Coffee Toffee ice cream flavor, bringing that espresso flavor all the way to your midnight snacks.  This heavenly treat combines the richness of coffee with the buttery sweetness of our toffee pieces and chocolate chunks, resulting in a flavor that is indulgent and refreshing.  

At first bite, you will instantly taste the bold flavor of coffee matched with notes of caramel.  As you savor the flavor, you’ll begin to notice the delightful bits of toffee and chocolate chunks scattered throughout.  Each bite brings a satisfying crunch of toffee, complimenting the smooth coffee flavor perfectly.

The pairing of coffee and toffee flavors is a perfect match of tastes, creating the perfect pint.  The boldness of the coffee is balanced out by the sweet toffee pieces, leaving you with a flavor that is both bold and sweet.  Coffee Toffee is perfect if you enjoy a strong cup of coffee, but also crave something sweet to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Coffee Toffee is one of our best selling flavors that can be enjoyed on its own or enjoyed as a fantastic accompaniment to a warm brownie or a slice of pecan pie.  I’ve even heard of those who enjoy brewed coffee and ice cream together, trying that with our Coffee Toffee would make the perfect treat for a coffee aficionado!

Whether it's the coffee, toffee, or chocolate notes that caught your eye in this flavor, it is certainly worth a try.  If it’s not your new favorite, we would be shocked!  With the rich and creamy texture, bold coffee flavor and crunchy toffee pieces, this flavor will satisfy your sweet tooth and cause you to eat the whole pint in one sitting!  It’s that good.

You can find our Coffee Toffee flavor in our Best Sellers CollectionSympathy Collection, and Thank You Collection.  It’s also found in our I’m Sorry Collection, perfect for an apology that requires a few pints of ice cream for forgiveness.