eCreamery Ice Cream on Shark Tank

A moment crackling with anticipation, nerves, and the promise of what may lay ahead.  Co-founders of eCreamery, Abby and Becky, were filled with anxiety and adrenaline as they stood in the hallway awaiting their moment to walk onto the set of Shark Tank.  The doors burst open, and Abby and Becky walked onto the bright stage in front of the Sharks.  

Standing in front of the Sharks, Abby and Becky tell the story of eCreamery and pitch the message of personalized ice cream gifts.  With each word, they painted a picture of eCreamery's mission—to deliver not just ice cream, but moments of pure joy and celebration, one personalized pint at a time.  

“People have a connection to ice cream.  We like to call it a super comfort food.  It makes you feel better, it makes you happy.”

Abby and Becky came to showcase the uniqueness of a personalized pint, with ice cream specifically created for each Shark.  They presented flavors including Barbara’s Delicious Dividends and The Cubanero which is made of dark chocolate habanero sorbetto.  When digging into the ice cream, the Sharks did exclaim their love for the delicious flavors, and Mark Cuban called the pair “ice cream innovators!”

Abby and Becky were hoping to acquire the capital to be able to move into a production facility and focus their time on the e-commerce aspect of the business that was continually growing.

The Sharks' reactions were a rollercoaster of emotions—praise, skepticism, and everything in between. Yet, through it all, Abby and Becky remained steadfast in their belief in the power of eCreamery to make a difference in people's lives.

“Thank you for tasting it, for trying it, for loving it.”

The Sharks chose not to invest in eCreamery.  In the two months following the episode, eCreamery sold over $250,000 in ice cream gifts and did not have to give any business to any of the Sharks.  

Abby and Becky started swimming in orders instead of swimming with the Sharks.

This experience served as a stepping stone, a catalyst for growth, and a reminder of the resilience and determination that had brought eCreamery to where it stands today.

As we look back on that momentous occasion, we can't help but marvel at how far we've come. From humble beginnings to nationwide success, every step of the journey has been a testament to the passion, dedication, and unwavering belief in the power of ice cream to bring people together.

Due to the boost in orders, eCreamery was able to fund the move into a production facility, where they have been operating ever since.  eCreamery has continued to make deliciously crafted ice cream day after day, now with the help of a full kitchen staff and shipping team.  

In the 12 years since our time on Shark Tank, we have continued to send personalized, heartfelt ice cream gifts nationwide.  Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, new baby, or any special occasion.  We are forever grateful for America’s reaction to our time on Shark Tank and for the customers that have joined us along the way.  We are proud to be a part of your special moments each and every day.

So here's to the countless scoops of joy that lie ahead. As we continue to write the next chapter of the eCreamery story, we do so with gratitude for the past, excitement for the future, and a whole lot of love for the journey along the way.