National Caramel Day

The best way to celebrate National Caramel Day is with a bowl full of one of our many caramelly flavors!  April 5th is National Caramel Day, the day is intended to celebrate the rich, gooey confection that is loved around the world!  Caramel is adored as an ingredient for our ice cream flavors or used as a topping for a truly delicious treat!  The tasty substance is created by heating up sugar in the caramelization process which is then utilized worldwide in treats from ice cream to pies to cakes, even savory dishes!

We utilize caramel in many of our ice cream flavors including:

Sea Salt Caramel Brownie

The base of this flavor is a decadent sea salt caramel flavor with fudgy brownie bites mixed throughout.  This flavor is a hit and one of our most popular, everyone that has had this flavor always comes back for more!

Chocolate Turtle Sundae

This incredibly delicious, decadent flavor starts with our chocolate caramel ice cream base.  In each bite, you will find chocolate chunks, praline pecans, and swirls of caramel sweetness.  Every perfect bite is packed full of flavor, a true chocolatey delight for any ice cream lover. 

Praline Pecan

An incredible flavor that is perfect for anyone, our double Vanilla Bean ice cream base with buttery swirls of caramel is the perfect canvas.  With the added chewy pecans, each buttery, nutty bite is perfect alongside caramel drifts.  This is a delicious flavor on its own or is perfect to enjoy alongside a brownie, cookie, or slice of pie!

Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie

This is one of our seasonal flavors that is leaving us soon, so don’t miss out!  The caramel that you’ll find in this flavor is in the cookie pieces!  Our Caramel Chocolate Chip cookies are baked fresh with lots of chocolate chips and caramel and then broken up to be swirled in the Vanilla Bean base!  

Each of these flavors are available via our Personalized Pints and can be selected together to create a collection packed full of caramel!  You can also find these flavors scattered throughout each of our collections!  I would suggest our Best Sellers Collection if you are looking for a collection packed full of caramel flavors!