Build Your Own Ice Cream Sandwich

Delight a friend or ship yourself our delicious Ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich Kit!  Gift a loved one a truly unique experience, with everything they need to have a fun filled night of making delicious ice cream sandwiches.  Our beloved gourmet Vanilla Bean Ice Cream paired with our highly adored, freshly baked cookies.  You will also receive chocolate chips and sprinkles to add your creativity to your ice cream sandwich creations!  

Our Ice Cream Sandwich Kit includes:

2 Dozen Assorted Cookies

4 Pints of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Chocolate Chips


Cookie flavors ranging from sugar, snickerdoodle, monster, chocolate chip, caramel chocolate chip, and double chocolate.  All these flavors allow you to mix and match cookies with toppings, getting creative in the most delicious way!  Our Ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich Kit is the best way to go when you aren’t entirely sure which flavors of ice cream to gift your recipient, they can create their perfect treat with smooth Vanilla Bean and assorted cookies!

The classic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream really allows you to enjoy all of the flavors of cookies with a flavor everyone can enjoy!  This fun gift and family activity can be shipped straight to you or your loved ones.  We ship nationwide to ensure that this fun gift can make it to any friend or family's doorstep!

A great gift to delight and entertain a party or have a fun night with the family!  With the selection of delicious cookies and fun sprinkles or chocolate chips, everyone will be able to enjoy a special ice cream sandwich made as they please!  It’s a fun activity to enjoy with friends, family, kids, grandparents, or just to have a sweet treat to celebrate any day.  

Our Ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich Kit is a great ice cream gift to cheer someone up, send a unique way to enjoy a treat, or just enjoy time with friends and family.  You can turn it into a fun contest or challenge to see who can create the best ice cream sandwich!  Shipping ice cream gifts becomes easy when you are sure it will add so much fun with our Ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich Kit.