July 2014

Paul McCartney & Warren Buffett at eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato

Paul McCartney was spotted with Omaha billionaire Warren Buffett in Dundee on Sunday night having dinner, dessert and a walk around the neighborhood.

McCartney, who arrived in a limo, had two scoops of eCreamery's award winning vanilla. Mr. Buffett enjoyed a Root Beer Float.

Onlookers included now selfie phenom, Tom White. Sixteen year old White and his friends had seen the celebrity sightings on Twitter and ran to see their music hero. The “63 Billion Dollar Selfie” has been retweeted around the globe.

You can see more photos here on our Facebook page,
eCreamery Album

May 2014

The "O" List: Mother's Day Edition

A Few Things for Mom We Think Are Just Great!

eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato: Cream of the Crop

How's this for a personal touch? You can customize a four-pint set of ice cream, gelato or sorbet in Mom's favorite flavors. Choose from 36 mix-ins like praline pecans and chocolate espresso chips, and personalize the packaging with your choice of design and label.

Scoops of Thanks Oprah!

April 2014

Upscale Magazine: The Gotta Get List

Treats, Treasures, and Simple Pleasures

Celebs like Vanessa Williams and Kim Kardashian are fans of eCreamery's custom-made, personalized ice cream. Select your base - ice cream, gelato or dairy-free sorbet - then choose from 40 flavors and 30 mix-ins! Each arrives packed in pint containers adorned with titles designed by you!

eCreamery Valentine Gifts spotted in People Magazine!

Valentine Luxe Surprises from newly engaged musicians, Future and Ciara.
Wishing you both a delicious Valentine's Day!

December 2013

ESPN Holiday Gift Guide: eCreamery Ice Cream - The Crowd Pleaser

Fans of real distinction shouldn't have to settle for any old ice cream out of the freezer section. They should be able to create their very own flavor, with bacon of course, and you should pay for it. Freedom never tasted so creamy.

You can check out the guide here at
ESPN Gift Guide

December 2013

People Country Loves eCreamery Ice Cream!

A perfect gift for the Foodie in your life!

eCreamery's Holiday Ice Cream Collection is sure to delight!
White Chocolate Peppermint with Chocolate Chunks and Fudge Swirls? Woo Wee!

December 2013

Holiday Gift Recommendation from NY Times, Restaurant Girl

Allure's Insiders' Guide to How to Give a Gift Card.
Gift cards can seem unimaginative but a little thought can make them special.

Danyelle Freeman, blogger at
"Gift certificates to a custom ice cream site, works for foodies and nonfoodies alike! You pick an ice cream and mix-ins, name your flavor and it arrives with custom labels!"

Thanks Restaurant Girl!

You can check out the blog at
Restaurant Girl

December 2013

Thanks Everyday with Rachael Ray!

We're thrilled to be in Rachael's Top Holiday Picks Gift Guide!

Rachael's team created a fun custom flavor, "Allyson's Sugar Fix," Premium Vanilla ice Cream with Rainbow Sprinkles and Gummy Bears for the Inner Kid on the Team!

So glad you enjoyed your custom eCreamery Treat!

November 2013

Women's Health: This Ice Cream has Your Friend's Name On It!

It may be rich, creamy and super premium but eCreamery Ice Cream can still be considered good for your health. We're not specifying exactly what part of your body it is good for - but may we suggest soul food? Or "Anti-Aging Cream," perhaps?

Let's Just Enjoy.

Thank you, Women's Health, for including us in your Holiday Gift Guide.
Very, very sweet of you to do.

November 2013

Star Magazine Hot Sheet: Pick of the Week

Hot Dessert!
When she sang 'Save the Best for Last," did Vanessa Williams mean dessert?
With you can personalize your own flavors. Celeb customers including Vanessa Williams, Tori Spelling and Ryan Seacrest have ordered their own sweet concoctions - and you can too.

November 2013

Vogue Japan - Everyone in the World Loves eCreamery Ice Cream!

The love of ice cream surpasses all boundaries - age, income, religion, culture. We like to call it the "Universal Language of Ice Cream." It can communicate a special message - even in Japanese.

Although we are only able to ship with the United States at this time, eCreamery has fans around the globe.

ありがとう (Thank you) Japanese Vogue, for the very kind words in your review!

September 2013

Saveur Magazine Names eCreamery in Top Heartland Products

Saveur's 9 Great Heartland Products: While developing our special Heartland issue, we stumbled on lots of great edible goods from Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma, some of which found a permanent place in our kitchens. Here's a guide to sourcing our favorites, from coffee to cured meats.

eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato on ABC's Shark Tank

Watch eCreamery founders, Abby Jordan and Becky App, dive into the tank with ABC's Shark Tank Venture Capitalists to pitch their Ice Cream and Gelato Gifts. See the Sharks devour each of their custom made flavors as Bait.

Season 4, episode 401. On Air: Sept. 21st and Jan. 25th Episode link to be available soon.

Interested in what has happened to eC since Shark Tank? See the follow up story on our blog.

September 2012

eCreamery Dives into ABC's Shark Tank! Tremendous Increase in Sales!

The co-owners of Omaha based eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato, Abby Jordan and Becky App, appeared on ABC television’s series, Shark Tank on Friday, Sept 21st. Jordan and App pitched their eCommerce business of custom made ice cream and gelato gifts to the sharks on the second episode this season.

eCreamery is seeking a $250,000 investment to build additional ice cream production and freezer space for their quickly growing ice cream gift business.

In response to the appearance on Shark Tank, sales increase in triple digits, reported by Omaha World Herald (see link for full article).

May 2012

Kathy Lee & Hoda Secret Shop eCreamery: What a Success!

The Today Show Consumer Reports, Jean Chatzky, secretly shopped eCreamery and other top online perishable food companies to determine who upheld their quality!

May 2012

The Fashion Spot: eCreamery is Top Mother's Day Gift Pick

Sweet Splurge: Forget Haagen-Dazs, this is the only frozen treat worth letting mom risk a spike in cholesterol! See our top mother's day gift pick.

April 2012

Nate Berkus: Customize It! Cool Products You Can Make Your Own

From ice cream to shoes to light switches, these are Nate's favorites in the world of customizable products. Yes, eCreamery Ice Cream is #1! Thanks Nate!

Feb 2012

Oprah Magazine: Express Yourself with Custom Gelato!

"Express Yourself From A to Z!" says Oprah magazine. eCreamery is honored to be "G for Gelato" and let you speak your mind in personalized ice cream, gelato or sorbetto flavors with over 50 flavors and 40 delicious mix-ins. O so good!

October 2011

eCreamery Personalized Wedding Favors Delight Guests at Martha Stewart's Bridal Market Party

We were honored to serve three custom eCreamery flavors at Martha Stewart Wedding's Bridal Market Event, a beautiful gathering of wedding industry icons, celebrating the conclusion of Bridal Week in NYC. Our new party cups were certainly a crowd pleaser!

Flavors: "M & W 10/17/2011": Sea Salt Caramel Gelato with Chocolate Pretzel Bark

Martha's Monogram: Lemon Sorbetto

"Mark & Jane's Wedded Bliss": Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate and Amarena Cherry Swirls

Sept. 2011

Oprah Magazine loves their eCreamery Custom Flavors

Oprah's team got together to create three custom flavors of their OWN. Their fave: Coffee and sweet cream gelato with a luscious caramel swirl and crunchy bits of chocolate espresso chips. We're so glad you enjoyed it!

Oct. 2011

Noshing Newsmen: Good Morning America Anchors Enjoy Custom Ice Cream Flavors

We were happy to satisfy the sweet tooths of America's Wake Up Crew on the ABC EARLY SHOW.

Bianna Golodryga's SWEET SATISFACTION! Chocolate and hazelnut gelato with blueberries!

NOSHING NEWSMAN by Dan Harris! Vanilla ice cream with almonds and caramel swirl.

Ron Claiborne's HELADO RONALDO! French vanilla gelato with almonds and chocolate.

February 2011

Crush of the Month: eCreamery Baby Gifts!

Pregnancy & Newborn magazine touts our New Baby and Pregnancy gifts! Fun flavors such as "New Mommy Sweet Treat," "Craving Cure-All," and "2am Feeding Fuel" make us their "Crush of the Month!"

January 2011

eC At Home Flavorings named in Top "Whoa" Moments at San Francisco Fancy Food Show The Winter 2011 Fancy Food Show wrapped up its display of what's new and happening in food products yesterday evening in San Francisco's gargantuan Moscone Center. And instead of driving you to snoozeville with in-depth trend-forecasting and booth analysis, we're throwing you the top 26 head-scratching and "wow"-making finds that surfaced throughout the three-day extravaganza. So get thee to the gallery!

December 2010

Just Desserts NYC touts eC on The Today Show!

These ladies know their desserts! It's simply scrumptious to make their list of the most delicious!

December 2010

teenVogue Top Gift Picks: eCreamery All The Way!

The editors at teenVogue loved their custom creation of Cake Mix and Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate! Titled with "Happy Holidays! xoxo, teenVogue" it's a fabulous holiday gift!

November 2010

The's Best Foodie Gifts: eC Ice Cream of The Month Club!

The leader in "specialty food finds" touts eCreamery's One of a Kind Flavor of the Month Club in their 2010 Gourmet Gift Guide. And give us a fantastic review in THE NIBBLE Top Pick of the week:

eCreamery Custom Ice Cream: Design The Flavor Of Your Dreams

There’s a special incentive to move to Omaha: eCreamery.

The boutique ice cream parlor churns out fresh premium ice cream every day, both the standard and creative—like cheesecake ice cream with graham crackers and a raspberry swirl.

But why let someone else design the ice cream flavors when it’s so exciting to do it yourself?

Therein lies the unique fun of eCreamery, where you are given free reign to create your own frozen fantasy in ice cream.

September 2010

Baby Center: The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift! With Pickles?

If you’re not familiar with ecreamery, well you kind of should be. That is, if you like ice cream. Or yummy things. Or giving gifts that people actually like. Like it’s not cool enough that this company lets you totally customize your own ice cream, gelato and sorbetto flavors just the way you like them, you can also package them the way you like them, even designing your own label and giving the flavor your own name. In fact, we included ecreamery in our 2010 Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide along with some artisanal pickles for a really clever shower gift. There are also ready-made gift packs if you want to leave the mixology to the experts. Don’t miss the New Baby pack which personally, I would have liked getting a whole lot more than 97 receiving blankets. And bookmark the Birthday Pack for the annual “friend/father/sister-in-law who has everything” birthday shopping conundrum.

August 2010 eCreamery Get Well Pack to the Rescue!

Not long ago, my five year old spent some time in the hospital battling a bacterial infection in his neck. When we returned from the hospital, a box was waiting for us at our front door. Our son has received a care package from His aunt, uncle and cousins had sent him 4 pints of ICE CREAM through the MAIL. Perfect for a little boy who had surgery in his mouth and couldn't eat much more than soft foods. Plus, after an experience like that, shoving ice cream down his mouth sounded like the perfect remedy to recovery!

July 2010

The Zoe Report: Be Glamorous. Eat Ice Cream.

With a sweet and simple mission to produce and deliver custom-made ice cream flavors, eCreamery is impossible to not love. You start your order by first choosing a base —Gelato, Ice Cream or the non-dairy, Sorbetto—and then up to two flavors and mix-ins…trust me when I say there are a gazillion yummy options to choose from. My personal concoction is a raspberry sorbetto with vanilla chips…so delish! The last step is naming your designed dessert, which is my favorite part next to consuming that first mouthwatering bite. Shut It Down Strawberry? Don’t mind if I do…xoRZ

June 2010

Searches for eCreamery Ice Cream skyrockets on Yahoo!

Yahoo! reports keyword searches on "Do It Yourself Ice Cream" and "Personalized ice cream flavors" are up 3900% the third week of June 2010. tops the list!

May 2010

The Huffington Post: A Mother's Day Gift Endorsement from a girl who knows gifts!

Thanks for the sweet words Huffington Post! The Mom with a Sweet Tooth -- What about making it personal? Go to and create her very own ice cream with a customized label. The key to every woman's heart, well most, is with something sweet. Make a sweet gesture with a sweet ending.

May 2010 DIY Designer Mother's Day Gifts

If your mother’s got a sweet tooth, try your hand at becoming an ice cream maker or chocolatier with these two do-it-yourself websites. lets you create your own pint of ice cream, gelato or sorbetto, with every detail coming from your creative genius, from ingredients to pint design. They offer all the traditional flavors, plus some exotic ones like black licorice, cheesecake, chipotle, white mint and cotton candy. A massive number of mix-ins includes gummy bears, Nilla wafers, blueberry swirl and walnuts.

February 2010

eCreamery a hit at South Beach Wine & Food Festival BubbleQ

My highlight dessert though was in a class by itself, Ice Cream and Sorbet by eCreamery, wow. The ice cream flavor, Emeril’s Drunken Monkey, pictured, but no description can come close to describe this great flavor and taste. As I leave the eCreamery booth, I toast to this event with Michelle Bernstein and look foward to my 9th Event next year.

February 2010

The View: Flavors for Whoopi, Barbara, Joy, Sherri & Elisabeth

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! But don't worry: Concierge to the stars Michael Fazio joined the co-hosts to share a few of his favorite V-Day gift ideas.

February 2010

USA Today Weekend: Hottest Gifts: Customize

Your sweetie is one of a kind, so this Valentine's Day, make sure you give a gift that reflects it. To score serious points for thoughtfulness and originality, swap the roses and gift cards for goodies customized just for your loved one:

February 2010 Scrumptious Valentine Gifts for Foodies

The chocolate holiday of the year is just around the corner, however it just so happens that your sig-o is a major foodie, so this year Hershey's is simply not going to cut it. What to do?! While chocolate is always a fail-safe option, why not mix it up a bit with some less expected foodie-friendly gifts? Glance down below for Good Bite's top picks, and feel free to share additional ideas in the comments.

DINE Magazine: Sweeten Your Valentine's Day with Custom Foodie Gifts

December 30, 2009

Silicon Prarie News interview with eCreamery

This time of year, I can't really say that I'm thinking about ice cream very much. There are a few folks out there, however, who don't stop no matter what the thermometer may read. Case in point: Abby Jordan and Becky App of eCreamery. I have to admit that I was really only familiar with their brick and mortar store in Dundee before I got to meet these two. There are, however, plenty of people outside of Omaha (and the Midwest) who are starting to take note of their online store and the variety of customization options that it has available.

eCreamery to attend Perrier-Jouët BubbleQ hosted by Emeril Lagasse

We are thrilled to be attending the 2010 South Beach Wine & Food Festival presented by Wine & Food and The Foodnetwork. We will be creating a special series of flavors exclusively for Emeril Lagasse and Perrier-Jouët's BubbleQ Event on February 26, 2010 in Miami Beach, FL. The four day event is filled with spectacular events from Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, Paula Deen, Guy Fieri and many, many more. An absolute foodie's dream! See the details at the link above. Hope to see you there! Tickets will go very quickly...

January 15, 2009

eCreamery's FOX AMERICAN IDOL Flavors Announce New Idol Season!

eCreamery has created 8 custom flavors for Fox's American Idol! As part of the PR campaign to announce the fantastic new season, eC is shipping "Randy's Rockin' Raspberry", "Simon's Sour Lemon", "Kara's Cookies & Cream", and "Paula's Better Pecan" to top radio hosts across the country!

August 2008

A Sweet Spot in Everyday with Rachael Ray!

Thanks for the recommendation Rach! So very sweet of you to do! "For all you gelato fans, eCreamery lets you custom-make your own flavors to send as gifts!"

February 2009

Cool Ideas for Event Planners: eCreamery in Meetings & Conventions Magazine

Cold Comforts: Send custom-made ice cream in place of those usual cookie tins. Choose flavors, toppings, and packaging online, or opt for a ready-made sampler.

June 02, 2008

Watch the NBC TODAY Show video of eCreamery for Father's Day.

June 02, 2008

NBC TODAY Show features eCreamery: A Perfect Gift for Dad

eCreamery's Father's Day Ice Cream sampler pack is sure to delight ice cream loving dads. Four pints of Property of Daddy (Peanut Butter), Dad's Breakfast of Champions (Coffee), Hands Off! Love, Dad (Chocolate Chip), and Dad's Tub o' Love. (Chocolate). See the Special Occasions section, Father's Day.

June 07, 2008

CBS The Early Show: eCreamery for Father's Day

The Early Show Saturday, financial journalist Vera Gibbons has plenty of great ideas for gifts Dad is sure to love, including eCreamery's Father's Day Sampler Pack!

June 11, 2008

New York Times: Gourmet Enthusiast, Lee Schrager Delights Rachael Ray with eCreamery

From NYT, "Mr. Schrager’s attentiveness extends to gifts, like the custom-blended gelato he ordered for Ms. Ray from He chose her favorite flavors — pistachios and dark chocolate bits in a coffee base — and named the ice cream “Izzy’s Pick,” after her dog.

October 15, 2008 Great Gifts for Kids & Families: eCreamery's Holiday Sampler Pack’s motto is “for a life less vanilla” and by the looks of the sampler pack that they have created for the holidays, complete with flavors such as peppermint stick, hot chocolate, gingerbread, and eggnog, the last thing we would think about is vanilla ice cream.

February 2008

InStyle Magazine and NYC Event Planner David Monn: eC Fiesta Style

Can't make it to Cabo anytime soon? Throw a getaway-themed party with a menu from Mexico and a punchy orange palatte inspired by butterflies...and don't forget the eCreamery!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Esquire's "Luxury Gifts for Your Lovely Wife" list, eCreamery comes in the Top 5!

From "With more than 50 flavors and mix-in toppings to choose from, you can design her own eCreamery ice cream and say you did it with care. Beat that, Ben & Jerry."

May 02, 2008

eCreamery Wins Best Dessert & Best Dish Overall at Omaha's Taste of the Nation!

Judges Mary Sue Milliken (of "Too Hot Tamales" fame) and local chefs Paul Kulik, The Boiler Room, and Judy Gilliard deemed eCreamery's entry (baklava ice cream, hazelnut gelato and strawberry-kiwi sorbetto) the best sweet and best overall dish.

June 19, 2007

Omaha KETV News: Not Exactly The Milkman

There's a side benefit to mixing custom orders of ice cream for strangers from afar: Sometimes the bizarre combinations taste amazing enough to land on the menu. Such was the case with Big Daddy's Vino Berry, a blueberry-chocolate-wine-espresso mix to be offered soon at eCreamery Ice Cream Parlor in Dundee.

February 11, 2008

Web Recognition: Practical eCommerce gives the scoop!

In Omaha, Neb. is a historic neighborhood called Dundee. If it sounds vaguely familiar it may be because it is home to Warren Buffet, the second richest man in the world. It is also home to a unique parlor and online venture named eCreamery.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Top 100 budget-friendly Cyber Monday sites

eCreamery is number 3 on this list of outstanding online gift sites! Hillary Mendelsohn, the brains behind "The Purple Book", an encyclopedia of the best shopping sites on the Web, has rounded up the top sites for finding unique, budget-friendly presents for every member of the family.

February 10, 2008

CNN Money: Love on the half shell: Fantastic Food Gift Ideas

CNN Money & Fortune Small Business report this year's fantastic luxury food gift ideas. Guess what? eCreamery makes the list!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Friday kicked off the holiday shopping season in stores and Monday marked the unofficial start to the online holiday shopping season. The Monday following Thanksgiving is known as “Cyber Monday."

October 2007

Daily Candy: eC is "Smooth like Butta!"

Daily Candy Weekly: Break us off a piece of that mmm, mmmm, good eCreamery. Gallons of the sweet, sinful, customized ice cream available this week. This one's got flava. You choose the ingredients. They make the magic.

June 19, 2007 to present

eCreamery on the Foodnetwork's Unwrapped

Simply Delicous news! Marc Summers featured our custom ice cream creations on the Foodnetwork's "Unwrapped."


Today's Flavors:  Updated daily at noon.
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Ice Cream:
Omaha's #1 Vanilla, Chocolate, Shark Bait, Root Beer Float, Cookies & Cream, Bubblegum, Omaha YMCA's Taste of Maple

Chocolate Cinnamon, Malted Milk, Strawberry Banana, Cinnamon, French Vanilla

Lemon, Peach Iced Tea, Pink Guava

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